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Literature survey:

  • form base map of different scale of the area
  • form the regional geological and mineralogical map of the area
  • form large scale topographic map of the area
  • Collect historical information on the work done in mines


  • Large scale mapping of the area
  • Detailed Mapping of the area, i.e. 1:500
  • Structural Mapping

Topographic Survey:

Geochemical Sampling:

  • Soil/rock chip sampling in larger grid and then infilling geochemical sampling to bring down the grid to 25mX25m.
  • Sample preparation & analysis
  • Geochemical anomaly map preparation
  • Pit and trench planning based on geochemical anomaly
  • Chip sampling from pit & trench
  • Sample preparation and analysis

Geophysical Survey:

  • Based on the above studies a geophysical survey method is planned
  • Survey Lines are drawn on the ground
  • Ground Geophysical survey is executed
  • Interpretation of Geophysical Survey data

Data interpretation & further planning:

  • Interpretation of Geological, Structural, Geochemical & Geophysical data
  • Anomalous zone is selected to set the drill target
  • Drill grid is designed

Drilling Programme:

  • Drilling programme is supervised & executed
  • Drill logs are prepared and other geotechnical parameters are noted
  • Sampling of drill chip/core & insertion of QAQC samples
  • Drill samples are prepared & submitted for analysis
  • Drill sections are prepared basing on geology and mineralization

Borehole collar survey.

Resource Modelling using exploration software:

  • Ore body delineation
  • Resource & grade estimation
  • 3D modelling

Final Exploration Report preparation & submission

Preparation of Mining Plan & production schedule

Other mining work.

  • Exploration data base management

However, basing on the work requirement, small & big exploration programmes can be designed and good work man like standards can be maintained.

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